Friday, October 4, 2013

Already Friday?!

As grateful as I am for another weekend, I have to say that week was a blur!  I have gotten a lot of mail, some I have even answered!  I have done a bit of art, and spent part of two days on a special order of greeting cards, one of which was a purse that I thought turned out pretty cute.  :)  My cards designs have stepped up a bit in that each envelope is now sporting at least a few strips of Washi tape, and some also have stamped images.  The outside is as fun as the card inside, and that makes me happy!

The weather is supposed to turn cooler this weekend--to the tune of low 40's for the low Saturday night, and upper 30's Sunday night.  Brr.  It will be nice to turn off the air conditioner, but I am not ready for the heater yet!  Since yesterday's high was 90, I imagine the quick drop in temperatures will generate a fair number of colds and cases of flu.   Might be a good time to make a batch of chicken soup!

We are planning to bring in a few of the plants from the patio to winter over inside.  I managed to keep alive most of those we brought in last year, but I have to say I wondered if it was worth it with all the little gnats that came in with them.  This year I am putting down some diatomaceous earth in each pot to see if that will help control them.  We already have a few flying around the house, but they apparently breed in the soil, so bringing in house plants is a sure way to have an infestation unless we use some sort of insect control.  Last year I put out little bowls of vinegar to attract them (they dive in and die because they can't get out) but that was a smelly remedy that was only marginally effective.

The tomato plant has finally set some tomatoes now that the season is over.  It doesn't seem likely they will ripen, but who knows?  One year we were still picking tomatoes at Thanksgiving, so apparently anything can happen in an Oklahoma garden!


  1. I was surprised to see all the posts about snow on Facebook today! It started out very warm where I live but by the time we got home, it was cold and rainy.

  2. the sun is finally shining here, but it isn't too cold. i can't believe there is already snow for other people!!

    maybe if you do a motivational dance in front of the tomatoes they will ripen?

  3. OH yes...I need to remember to bring in my pineapple plant! It will be getting chilly here very soon too... I have terrible luck with tomatoes. Maybe the next garden will be better. I'm ready for fall.



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