Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week (end) in Review: Three Saw Saturday and Paint Slinging in the Studio

I thought about blogging a couple of times this week, really I did.  I just kept getting distracted!  Lots of mail arrived, letters and packages galore.  I got some home-made goodies from a fellow blogger for whom I made a card earlier in the summer, and several of my Christmas presents have arrived.  It really was hard to wrap them (oh, yes I did!) but I am looking forward to Christmas in a big way!  I made and decorated some envelopes, put together a few ATCs, washed a bunch of dishes (are they multiplying??!) and read a couple of books.  I didn't get all the gifts wrapped that are purchased so far, but I made a significant dent in the pile.

Ornery said he didn't know one could have so many Mondays in one week, but he had four of them!  He has two simulators off site that are going into certification soon and two more locally that have all been needing urgent attention.  He didn't end up working much overtime this week, but when he was at work, he was running like a chicken.  Wednesday he took a 3 hour lunch to visit with an estate planning attorney with his sister, which is really the only reason he didn't end up with more overtime because he did go in early and stay a little late most days.  The week wore him out so much that he came home Friday night and took a nap, then slept hard all night!

I had a Snoopy-dance moment Friday evening when I got rated for a swap and received my 100th heart.  :)  It was a delightful moment complete with "WOOTs" and high fives. The neighbors, who could hear me whooping through my open window, probably thought we had lost it.  They may be right! :D  Sadly, I got my third rating without a heart the next day after asking my partner if she had yet received it.  I am sure she had been sitting on it for several days but hadn't rated. Oh, well.

I am almost out of regular postage stamps, (not surprising!) and decided to rob my old stamp albums.  I had bought a LOT of new stamps for my collection back in the 90s and am going to delight my pen-pals and swap partners with some pretty awesome stamps for several months to come!  They don't make them like that anymore. I found holographs, pentagon and triangle shapes, and just some plain incredible photography and artwork.  By using them up I won't have to feel compelled to store them anymore, and I get to share the joy of seeing some of them again. PLUS I won't have to buy more stamps for quite a while. That is a bonus!

The weather forecast called for rain all weekend from Friday night through Tuesday, but we somehow missed it so far, and Ornery was able to mow the lawn on Saturday. Then he worked on some Christmas presents in the man cave with the garage door open to enjoy the beautiful fall day.  We have been trying to come up with gifts for our sisters and Mom, and I think we have hit on a workable solution. Hopefully it turns out as nice as we envision it. Of course just about anything he makes he also needs to make one for us and our kids, so there are 7 of this particular project on his to-do list at the moment. Saturday he had a three-saw day, so he was pretty happy. :)

We finished off the earring holder we have been working on for weeks, and I did a bit of fancy painting on the frame. I got some letters written, played around with some mixed media ATCs and did a little cooking.  Ornery has been trying to get his computer straightened out.  Every time he downloads updates, it fails and he has to back them all out. Frustrating, to say the least.  We are trying to get things organized on our computers to do a back up of the pictures. Keeping them orderly is quite a challenge!

It's hard to believe I could condense the whole week into just a few paragraphs, but I live a boring life. :)

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend. You guys are really embracing the holiday season! We don't have anyone to buy for. We give the kids money. I try to find something for my mom but she's 86 and needs nothing. Russell never exchanged with his parents as an adult, and he didn't want to start now and put them on the spot to reciprocate.


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