Sunday, October 6, 2013

Weekend in Review: Finally Fall!!

Brr!  It got cold this weekend!  Ornery wore a jacket when he was out running errands on Saturday, and this morning when we got up the house had a definite chill to it. I say, bring on the cooler weather! :)

Saturday Ornery went shopping for groceries while I stayed home and cleaned up the kitchen and did laundry.  I rearranged the pantry to accommodate the new purchases and replied to a couple of letters.  We talked quite a while about various topics--as is our usual.  We both enjoyed a really nice afternoon nap. :)

I have really been enjoying my correspondence, but I am having trouble asking questions to keep the conversation going. I received a letter from a new pen friend from Sweden and at the end of each paragraph she asked a question related to what she just wrote.  By the time I finished answering all her questions I had written six pages and had no idea what to ask her in return. :(  It will bother me for days that I forgot to answer one of her questions, and that I didn't give her anything to prompt her next letter to me. Sigh.

We brought in several plants today to winter over, and every time I walk past the hall I think there is someone standing in the foyer.  The palm tree took over the whole area, and we had to use some twine to make it so people could pass through there.  I foresee a haircut in its future.  We also brought in the shamrock, which had been beneath the Boston fern all summer.  The fern got so big, the shamrock really had to s-t-r-e-t-c-h to get to the sunlight...

Here it is after I pulled off all the dead leaves and stems.  It is now on my bathroom counter, and the fern is on the stand in the tub.  I guess Ornery figured it would be easier to water from there than having to climb inside the tub to water it.  The fronds are about 4 feet long, and I have never had one get so big before.

We also brought in the amazing Gerbera Daisy that has bloomed all summer long.  It still has a flower on it and another coming up.  We put it in front of the studio window so I can enjoy it every day!

It's October, and that is apparently the month for going crazy with spooky things.  I am not a big fan or Halloween, preferring the cheery to the macabre for my holiday celebrations, but there is one nod to the holiday I usually make and that is putting Monster Mash as the ring tone for my phone.  It makes me smile every time the phone rings!


  1. I have also brought my plants in and started winterizing the garden tonight after supper (and the all day rain). Another 35 lbs of tomatoes! Looks like I'm canning again. I hope your gonna be home all week! Keep an eye out for a delivery. It will be addressed to the 8th street address. Cheers!

    1. I am home all the time!! Can't wait to see what you sent--maybe some of those 35 lbs of tomatoes? :D

    2. When you get it the little guy goes in the fridge! The other two are good for the cupboard!

  2. I love gerbera daisies but alas, I kill anything with a flower! You're lucky you didn't get all the snow they got in SD and WY.

  3. I love the shamrock and I want one! I've got all these plants on my list and I won't know where to put them...



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