Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Moving Sites (Again!)

As you know there is always a lot of work involved when you move, and I don't think moving blog sites is any less work than moving to a new home. I have decided to merge all my blogs into one, and am now posting here.  I would be delighted if you would like to follow along on the journey with my art, my garden and my life!  I won't be posting here any more, but I'll leave it up for a while--at least until I get my things moved over to the other site.

It isn't fully set up yet, and I have a lot more work to make it my "home" but at least it's up and running!  Thanks for dropping in!


  1. Must be the season - i just did the same . . .
    Thank you for letting us all know.

  2. So you will no longer post here or on the 'studio' blog? Everything will be on the new one?

    1. That is my plan for the moment... I haven't been too faithful anywhere lately. If it doesn't have a paint brush or a glue spout on it, I haven't been interested! :P Thanks for being such a faithful reader!


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